Sponsor A Service Dog Team

Witness the life-changing miracle that a service dog brings to a veteran.

We are Deeply Grateful for Your Interest in Joining Forces with K9 Partners for Patriots.

Your sponsorship of $21,400 will ignite a transformative journey for a Veteran and their loyal K9 companion. Together, they will embark on a 25-week odyssey of training and growth, empowering these brave souls to forge an unbreakable bond and rediscover a path to harmony.

Through your unwavering support, you’ll not only be funding their journey but also becoming an integral part of their story. You’ll have the honor of naming the Service Dog, receive regular updates brimming with tales of progress and triumph, and celebrate their remarkable achievements at the heartwarming graduation ceremony.

This isn’t just about saving lives; it’s about championing resilience, fostering hope, and uplifting spirits. Seize this opportunity to be a beacon of light in someone’s darkest hour. Fill out the form below to begin.

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