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In this space, you’ll find a collection of articles, press releases, and media coverage that have featured K9 Partners for Patriots. Our organization is honored to be recognized by the media for our dedication to veterans and the transformative power of the human-canine connection.

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Our Mission

We exist to prevent veteran suicide, to provide hope and healing for those struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury or Military Sexual Trauma. Together we provide a positive path forward through the experience of training and caring for their own service dog in a safe environment of camaraderie, friendship & family that brings veterans from self-doubt to self-confidence; from isolation to reconnection.

Service Dog Training


On the fringe of an airport industrial park, an unassuming gymnasium-sized structure stands as a sanctuary for warriors who have seen the harshest aspects of life on the battlefield. This is not just any structure; it’s a haven where veterans and their service dogs come together to heal, support, and thrive in a unique and fierce family environment.

Our Mission: Transformative Bonds for Healing

At K9 Partners for Patriots, our impact is profound and far-reaching. We embark on a journey of healing, companionship, and mutual rescue by uniquely pairing rescue dogs with veterans contending with PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and military sexual trauma. In our transformative 24-week service dog training program, certified instructors guide veterans in molding these rescue dogs into personal service animals, opening doors to independence and emotional well-being.

Our Commitment to Making a Difference

Our commitment to making a meaningful difference is evident in the countless lives we’ve touched. K9 Partners for Patriots has emerged as a beacon of hope for veterans, providing specially trained service dogs sourced, in significant numbers, from local animal shelters. Beyond the tangible impact of these canine companions, we’ve cultivated a resilient community founded on compassion, resilience, and a shared belief in the incredible healing power of the paw. Together, we’re rewriting the narratives of veterans’ lives, fostering positive change, and championing the transformative potential within the unique connection between veterans and their service dogs.

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To learn more about our mission and impact, visit Join us in advocating for the Power of the Paw and contributing to a brighter future for veterans and their devoted companions.

K9 Partners for Patriots

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In The News

Wreaths Across America Radio

APRIL 2023

10-minute interview with Mary Peter and Wreaths Across America Radio’s Morning Host Michael Hale, a descendant of Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale.

Suncoast News

MARCH 2023

Reporter Vincent Safuto interviewed Jess Guiliano to discuss her newly acquired K9 credentials and training at K9P4P.

Tallahassee Democrat

JUNE 2022

When do we worry about veterans with PTSD?

Fox News Tampa


As veteran or volunteer, K9 Partners for Patriots give service dogs and their partner’s purpose.

Wfla Newsradio

MAY 2020

Col. Dave Apt, K9 Partners for Patriots

Orlando Sentinel


Shelter Dogs Help Veterans Heal Trauma of War

Bay News 9


Everyday Hero – Ron Flaville | Using Dogs to Help His Fellow Veterans

Orlando Sentinel


Shelter Dogs Help Veterans Heal Trauma of War

Fox & Friends


K9 Partners for Patriots Gives Active Service Members and Veterans Service Dogs at No Cost

ABC Action News

JULY 2018

Shelter Dogs Help Veterans

American Medicine Today


Shelter Dogs Help Veterans

ABC Action News


K9 Partners for Patriots Saves Two Lives at Once

Fox 13


K9 Partners for Patriots Finds New Home

Daytime News Channel 8


K9 Partners for Patriots

TAMpa Bay Times


Canine Partner Proves a Welcome Alternative to Pills for Veterans with PTSD


Helping Veterans and Rescue Dogs

K9 Partners for Patriots

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Kind words from program veterans, families and friends.

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What is PTSD?

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Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans

Ensuring that qualified organizations pair Veterans with the most beneficial service dogs; increase awareness and understanding of the medical evidence that supports the use of service dogs; and advocate for the expanded use of qualified service dogs.

Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans
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