Donate A Dog

No Puppies • No Bully Breeds • Temperament Test Required


If the dog you want to donate possesses any one (1) of the following traits, they do not meet the minimum requirements to qualify for our program.

No Puppies

The dog must be between 9 mos. and 3 years of age.


If the dog is fearful, it cannot qualify for service work.


Dogs with a protective nature do not qualify as service dog candidates.

Bully Breeds

We cannot accept bully breeds as donations for this program.

* K9 Partners for Patriots does not discriminate against any breed. We love them all! However, due to insurance and liability issues, we cannot consider pit bulls, pit bull mix, or bully breeds for donation.

Temperament Evaluation

How This Works

The Dog Must Meet the Following Minimum Requirements

  • 9 months to 3 years old
  • Stable & confident (no shyness or fear)
  • Happy go lucky
  • Dog friendly – no aggression
  • Good with adults and children (male and female)
  • Heartworm negative. (We will not accept without a heartworm test)
  • All sizes and breeds*

These criteria ONLY qualify a dog for temperament testing.

The dog must undergo a temperament evaluation conducted by the K9 Acquisition Team at our training campus in Brooksville, Florida to be accepted into the K9 Partners for Patriots Service Dog Training Program.

We have seen many great-spirited dogs that did not test well for Service Dog work.

  1. Complete and submit the secure online application form. The person submitting the form must be the owner or a representative with authority to make decisions regarding the dog.
  2. Our K9 Acquisition Manager will review your application and contact you to schedule an appointment to conduct the testing and evaluation.
    You must provide proof that the dog has tested negative for Heartworm.
  3. Bring the dog to the K9 Partners for Patriots Training Campus for your scheduled appointment.
  4. You must stay for the duration of the testing and evaluation. If the dog tests favorably for PTSD service dog work, arrangements will be made at that time for K9 Partners for Patriots to take possession of the dog.
  • If the dog has been spayed or neutered recently, please give the dog at least 2-weeks to recover. We will not schedule an evaluation for a dog that has been recently neutered or spayed.
  • We will consider a dog up to 4 years of age if the dog demonstrates great promise.
  • Dogs with a lot of hair or high maintenance dogs are not good service dog candidates.
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