Donate A Dog

A Collaborative Canine Contribution

We believe in the power of collaboration to make a meaningful impact.

No Puppies

The dog must be between 9 mos. and 3 years of age.

No Fear

If the dog is fearful, it cannot qualify for service work.


Dogs must have a non-protective nature to qualify.

No Bully Breeds

We cannot accept bully breeds as donations for this program.

How Our Donate A Dog Program Works

You can be part of our Collaborative Canine Contribution Initiative

Our “Donate A Dog” program extends an invitation not only to animal shelters and rescues but also to individual dog owners who share our commitment to preventing veteran suicide and fostering hope and healing for those affected by PTSD, TBI, or MST.

By extending this collaborative opportunity to animal shelters and rescues, we aim to broaden the impact of our program, involving communities in the collective effort to provide healing and companionship to our nation’s veterans. Your contribution, whether as an individual or as a representative of an animal welfare organization, helps build bridges of support and understanding, one paw at a time.

Breed Selection and the Right to Refuse

At K9 Partners for Patriots, we deeply value the importance of selecting the most suitable candidates for service work to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our program.  As part of our commitment to excellence, we conduct thorough evaluations of dogs considered for service roles.

It is essential to highlight that while we strive to assess each dog with an open mind and a fair approach, we reserve the right to refuse specific breeds based on our extensive 35 years of knowledge and experience in this field.  We firmly believe that not every breed is ideally suited for service work due to inherent genetic characteristics that may impact their suitability for the tasks required. 

Our decision to exclude certain breeds is rooted in our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service dog training and performance.  We prioritize the well-being and success of both our service dogs and the veterans they serve, and therefore, breed selection plays a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

We appreciate your understanding and trust in our expertise as we continue to uphold the integrity of our program and the welfare of those we serve.

Qualification Criteria for Service Dog Candidates

To ensure that donated dogs are well-suited for service work, we have specific qualification criteria in place.

Age Requirement
Dogs must be between 9 months and 3 years old, ensuring they are at an optimal age for training and service.

Must be Heartworm Negative

Temperament Evaluation
Dogs must undergo a comprehensive temperament evaluation conducted by our K9 Acquisition Team at our training campus in Brooksville, Florida. This evaluation assesses stability, confidence, friendliness, and other crucial traits.

No Puppies or Bully Breeds
We do not accept puppies or bully breeds due to specific program requirements. However, our love for all breeds remains unwavering, and this limitation is solely due to insurance and liability considerations.


  • Dogs up to 4 years old may be considered if they demonstrate great promise.
  • Recent spaying or neutering requires a recovery period before evaluation.


Dogs with a lot of hair or high maintenance needs may not be suitable candidates for service dog work.

Submit An Application

Dog owners, as well as authorized representatives from animal shelters and rescues, can submit a secure online application form, initiating the qualification process.

Collaborative Process

Review and Contact
Our K9 Acquisition Manager reviews applications and contacts applicants to schedule a temperament evaluation.

Testing and Evaluation
Dogs must meet specific criteria during the testing, ensuring they are stable, confident, happy, and friendly.

Scheduled Appointment
Applicants bring their dogs to our Training Campus for a scheduled appointment and must stay for the duration of testing.

Positive Evaluation
If the dog tests favorably for PTSD service dog work, arrangements are made at that time for K9 Partners for Patriots to take possession of the dog.

All canine contributions undergo a comprehensive temperament evaluation at the K9 Partners for Patriots Training Campus in Brooksville, Florida.

Dogs that do not meet our suitability criteria during this assessment cannot be accepted into our program.


K9 Partners for Patriots does not discriminate against any breed. We love them all! However, we do not consider pit bulls, pit bull mix, or bully breeds for adoption or donation.

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated K9 Acquisition Team. Reach out through our convenient Contact Form or call our office.

Business hours
Monday to Thursday, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.
We’re here to assist you. (352) 397-5306.

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