Service Dog Training Program

Thank you for your interest in Our Service Dog Training Program.

The K9 Partners for Patriots Service Dog Training Campus is located in Hernando County, Florida. You must be able and willing to come to the training campus once a week for classes.

BE ADVISED: If you live in another state unfortunately, our program may be out of your reach unless you are able to make arrangements for an extended stay.

K9 P4P is solely dedicated to teaching veterans and active military with service related PTSD, TBI, and MST to train their own service dog.

If you feel you meet the qualifying criteria for the program, please complete the secure online application below. Most fields are required and are marked with a red asterisk. Once your application is processed you will be contacted within 72 hours by our veteran liaison via email with further instructions.

Check your spam folder and be sure to add K9 Partners for Patriots to your approved email contact list.

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