Do I Qualify?

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Service Dog from K9 Partners for Patriots

Active Duty or Veteran of the United States Armed Forces

Veterans or service members of foreign armed forces do not qualify.

Honorable Discharge

Each applicant must provide a DD214 Long Form stating Character of Service.

Diagnosis of PTSD, TBI, or MST

You must provide the following medical document to be completed by your physician, counselor, or VA stating:

  • Diagnosis of service-related PTSD, TBI, and/or MST.
  • You are medically, mentally, and physically able to handle the responsibilities of owning and training a dog.

Download the Medical Release Form below and ask your provider to complete it. It must be completed by your provider and printed on the official letterhead of the provider.


Felony Convictions are Ineligible

Felony convictions, domestic violence, sexual offenses, or animal mistreatment, abuse, neglect, or cruelty disqualify you from this program.

Comittment & Willingness

Recipients of service dogs should demonstrate a genuine commitment to the training and care of a service dog. This includes being able and willing to attend training sessions, properly care for the dog, and maintain its training throughout its working life.

Stable Living Situation

Applicants should have a stable and suitable living environment for a service dog. This includes factors like having appropriate space for the dog, the ability to provide proper exercise and veterinary care.

Financial Responsibility

K9 Partners for Patriots does not charge veterans for the service dog, training, or necessary equipment such as vests, crates, leashes, car harnesses, etc. However, there might still be associated costs, such as travel expenses to attend training sessions, ongoing care of the service dog, and replacement equipment. Applicants should be prepared to handle these financial responsibilities.


Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans

Ensuring that qualified organizations pair Veterans with the most beneficial service dogs; increase awareness and understanding of the medical evidence that supports the use of service dogs; and advocate for the expanded use of qualified service dogs.

Association of Service Dog Providers for Military Veterans
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