Foster Care Program

Fosters Empower Us!

At K9 Partners for Patriots, our Foster Program is a vital component of our mission to end veteran suicide and provide healing through the companionship of service dogs. Fosters play a crucial role as the bridge between rescue dogs and the veterans eagerly awaiting their companions.

How Our Foster Program Works

Guardian, Protector, and Caregiver

Fostering a dog for K9 Partners for Patriots is not just a commitment; it’s an honorable undertaking. Our fosters serve as guardians, protectors, and caregivers to rescue dogs, offering them the love and care that will pave the way for a veteran’s journey toward better times.

Key Responsibilities of Fosters

Preparing for a Loving Home
Fosters provide the essential love, care, attention, and time needed for a shelter dog to transition from kennel life to the warmth of a home.

Reducing Wait Times
Fosters play a crucial role in drastically decreasing wait times for our program veterans. By opening their homes, they ensure that rescue dogs don’t have to linger in shelters, expediting the journey towards their life-changing partnerships.

Providing Valuable Feedback
Fosters offer invaluable insights into the dog’s behavior, personality, and compatibility, allowing us to make optimal matches with our veteran participants.

Socialization and Adjustment
Fosters contribute to the socialization process by exposing the dogs to different environments, pets, and people, ensuring they are well-prepared for their roles as service companions.

No Kenneling
We don’t kennel dogs at our facility, thanks to our dedicated fosters. This ensures that our dogs experience the love and comfort of a home environment, setting the stage for their success as service animals.

Resource Optimization
By fostering, individuals empower us to allocate precious resources toward training, veterinary care, equipment, and ongoing support for our veteran service dog teams.

We Provide the Essentials

K9 Partners for Patriots understands the commitment involved in fostering, and we aim to make the experience seamless for our dedicated caregivers. We provide everything needed, from food and healthcare expenses to toys, crates, leashes, and collars. Fosters receive comprehensive orientation and ongoing support, ensuring a rewarding and impactful journey as they contribute to the well-being of both rescue dogs and our nation’s veterans. Join us in making a difference—provide the love, and we’ll take care of the rest!

K9P4P Requirements for Fosters

  • The Foster caregiver must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Complete the K9P4P Foster Application.
  • Home safety inspection.
  • Must be able to bring the dog to the training campus once a week to socialize the dog.
  • Previous experience with owning a dog or currently having pets.
  • Willing to include the dog in family activities.
  • Will allow the dog to live indoors as a member of the household.
  • Spend time with the dog, such as cuddling, playing, and walking on a leash.
  • Work on house training if needed.
  • Crate train the dog. (Crate will be provided).
  • Provide a safe, loving, and stable environment.
  • Prepared to be patient with the dog and yourself. You’ll both need time to adjust.


K9 Partners for Patriots does not discriminate against any breed. We love them all! However, we do not consider pit bulls, pit bull mix, or bully breeds for adoption or donation.

Can I foster if I have animals of my own?

Absolutely! If you have a resident dog, we ask that you bring them to the training campus for a meet and greet. If introducing a foster to a home with resident cats, we recommend it be done cautiously. The foster dog should be on a leash and monitored carefully. For the initial introduction, we recommend a friend or family member assist. We do not require that resident animals and fosters be separated throughout the foster period, but you should take steps to separate them if you identify personality conflicts or to prevent the transmission of illnesses. Resident animals must be current on all vaccines and heartworm free.

Can I foster if I rent?

Yes, however, we would need written authorization from your landlord stating that it’s okay for you to foster before starting your foster period.

Can I return the dog if I can't foster him/her any longer?

We try very hard to avoid this type of situation. Foster periods can run from one to six months. We ask that fosters be fully committed to fostering for the length of time necessary until the dog can be paired with a veteran. Should an emergency arise, we will obviously find other accommodations for the dog.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our Foster Coordinator via our Contact Form or call our office Monday – Thursday between the hours of 8:30am – 3pm. (352) 397-5306.

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