A Reason to Fight for My Life

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Veteran Impact Stories

My service dog goes by the name Bear.

Bear became a part of the family, which allows me to have a new level of confidence in having him by my side. Sometimes I may not feel like talking, and he is there to help me through my situation and battle my demons.

Having a Service Dog Allows Me to Expand the Quality of My Life.

There are times when things may be wrong that I have yet to notice, but he is there to let me know, ‘Hey, something is a little off,’ and gives me time to combat the issue.

Service dogs can help veterans reconnect with their families by combating numerous issues involved with PTSD that cause veterans to feel disconnected or distracted within the household.

The Family Suffers Greatly

However, they notice the changes and how the service dog gave me a reason to fight for my life and connections. They even became a part of the journey. I was no longer the veteran who was confined in the house and never wanted to go outside. The training you learn becomes a part of your life and mission away from the military. It almost purposely allows you a reason to go out to practice integrating with the public. It improves my quality of life as well as my family’s. They can experience more with their father and husband.

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