Is A Service Dog Right for You?

Written by K9 Partners for Patriots

November 16, 2022

Change Your Life and Heal

Is A Service Dog Right for You?

A service dog is a serious responsibility and should not be taken lightly. A service dog is going to bring work and change to every aspect of your life. You must be ready to commit to healing and a positive path forward by doing the work.

If you think a service dog may be right for you, consider the following:

  • Like any other dog, a service dog requires regular visits to the veterinarian, food, training, toys, attention, exercise, and bedding.
  • A service dog must be accepted in the home and treated as a member of the family. A service dog does not live outdoors.
  • A service dog team is a collaboration. A bond between the K9 and the handler. You will have to develop new habits and apply what you learn about yourself and your new battle buddy to become a successful service dog team.

Your new battle buddy will have little if any, training. Accepting the responsibility of a service dog requires commitment, patience, and love for yourself and your K9. You and your dog will both need time to develop a routine together. Your dog will need guidance and time to learn its place in the home, and we are here to guide you to achieve this balance. This will require the patience of anyone else living in the home as well. The acclimation process may take several weeks or even months. You and your family will also need time to adapt to a new presence in the home.

It is your responsibility to train and care for your service dog.

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