K9 Partners for Patriots – Getting to Zero Preventing Veteran Suicides

K9 Partners for Patriots - Getting to Zero on Veteran Suicides

Written by K9 Partners for Patriots

May 31, 2017

ABC Action News was at the K9 P4P Training Campus on May 31st to witness a Basic Level graduation. Nicole Grigg and her team did an excellent job of capturing and reporting some very important facts regarding veterans with PTSD and service dogs. Such as:

  • The VA still does not provide service dogs to veterans with PTSD
  • Most of our program veterans service dogs are rescues
  • And it takes time to find the right dog for a veteran

They even caught some candid shots of the identifying traits displayed by a veteran with PTSD like shaking and lack of eye contact.

This is just the kind of exposure that’s needed to begin to generate a shift in public awareness and educate about the ever present fact that ‘not all wounds are visible’. 

Read the article on ABC Action News website.

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