Volunteers are the Lifeblood of the K9P4P Organization

Rhonda and Cindy - Volunteers are the Lifeblood

Written by K9 Partners for Patriots

March 17, 2022

Something Good Always Happens!

Hey everybody, meet Cindy Dietrich, K9P4P Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer), and Rhonda Hicks, Program Support / K9P4P Board Member (IC).

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the K9P4P organization.

They log thousands of hours every year, giving their valuable time and energy toward helping us achieve our objectives. Since the beginning, many have donated their time, sharing their skills and passion for the greater mission. Every one of them is a valued member of the K9P4P family.

Today, our Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy, meets with me to discuss and strategize the needs of our volunteer staff. While this is just one of the many meetings that take place every day, it was particularly enlightening and informational. This kind of cross-team collaboration allows me to assist Cindy in finding suitable candidates to fill critical needs within the organization.

The success rate of matching the right volunteer to our internal needs is critical in the retention and continuity of the organization. Understanding how this is achieved has given me a better appreciation of all the hard work that goes on “behind the scenes” helps in my endeavor to assist in finding qualified, compassionate individuals to strengthen and augment our existing staff.

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