Beau and Bob Working Dog Wednesday

Written by Jimmy Tatum

October 23, 2019

Beau and Bob Working Dog Wednesday

by | Oct 23, 2019 | News, Working Dog Wednesday

Greetings, humans! My name is Beau, and I am an energetic 4 years old! My biped rescued me when I was just a little over a year old, and we have been inseparable since! I love my pack, between the two-legged humans always loving on me, and my older sister to keep me company, every day is a great day!

I love waking up super early (at 0530) and bringing my Alpha outside to smell the fresh morning air with me while I patrol the yard. This is an essential duty, and I thoroughly check the perimeter to ensure no new smells are lurking. After my routine morning patrol, I retreat back inside, crawling back into bed until my stomach wakes me up at 0700.  In the morning, I love being a momma’s boy, yet for the rest of the day, I am all about my Alpha. Some say my loyalty lies with whoever feeds me, I say that it is merely a coincidence.  Well, I hear my recliner calling my name! BYE!

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