Chad and Tank Working Dog Wednesday

Chad and Tank WDW

Written by Jimmy Tatum

October 16, 2019

Chad and Tank Working Dog Wednesday

by | Oct 16, 2019 | News, Working Dog Wednesday

Hello Humans!  My name is Tank, and I am a more seasoned service dog at eight years old.  I have been a member of my pack for the past three years, though only earning my service vest just over a year ago.  Age truly is just a number as you will often find me playing with the small humans whenever they come over.  At night I patrol through the various bedrooms spending time with each kid, loving on them in my special way.  As with most of my fellow canines, you will be hard-pressed finding me when its time for my pedicure.  Showers are another story; I love the shower so much, I will join anyone who is taking one.  

I have two favorite toys, my red kong and whatever toy the cat has at that particular moment.  In the morning, my routine is simple as I will sit on the front porch with my Alpha and watch the traffic drive by the house as he drinks his morning coffee.  Once the coffee pot is empty, we both are ready to face the day’s challenges!

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