Chris and Bogie Working Dog Wednesday

Bogie Working Dog Wednesdat

Written by Jimmy Tatum

May 8, 2019

Chris and Bogie Working Dog Wednesday

by | May 8, 2019 | Working Dog Wednesday, News

Good morning, humans! My name is Bogie, and I am a firm believer that breakfast is in fact, the most important meal of the day. I love waking up and eating my breakfast at 6am every single morning. I then drag my Alpha out of the house to go for a brief walk. This usually holds me over while I patiently wait for the little Alphas to get up and get going. I can usually convince one of them to throw the ball for me, which I absolutely love! Sometimes, even after rough housing with the littles, I still feel restless. Rather than destroy the house, I usually grab one of my chew toys and retreat to a corner of the house where I can release that destructive energy.

I absolutely love jumping in the car with my pack! I am always the first one ready to go fishing or golfing. When I get home in the afternoon, my Alpha takes me for a long walk and spends time teaching me manners. He says manners are important, as they keep me from acting a fool in public. After dinner is over and the kids are in bed the Alpha and I spend time on the couch watching the Netflix show “Dogs”.  

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