Mary and Shasta Working Dog Wednesday

Written by Jimmy Tatum

April 30, 2019

Mary and Shasta Working Dog Wednesday

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Working Dog Wednesday, News

Good morning, humans! My name is Shasta, and I am sure that many of you have already met me, either in print form or if you are lucky enough the real thing. After all, my face is plastered on most of the marketing material used by K9 Partners for Patriots.

Most days begin with me waking Alpha #2 up to take me and my brother Buckshot outside to do our business and get some early morning cardio in. Once I feel we are good and warmed up, we come back inside and wait to be served breakfast. I love when my humans throw the ball for me, you will always find me bringing the ball back so it can be thrown again! When we are inside, my favorite toy is the toy that Buckshot is currently playing with. We often play “tag” where I will get the toy from him so he will chase me around with it.

I love when Alpha #1 takes me to work with her. Helping veterans is what I was born to do! Nothing, not even playing fetch, makes me happier than showing up to a building full of men and women needing my unique form of love! I tolerate all of the Alpha’s “obedience training,” knowing that my reward for it is being allowed to love on my veterans.



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