Pat and Bailer Working Dog Wednesday

Pat and Bailer - Working Dog Wednesday

Written by K9 Partners for Patriots

March 12, 2019

Good morning humans of the world!

My Name is Bailer.

I’m a service dog and I love working for my veteran! My favorite thing to do is swim and spend time with my human on the water boating, kayaking, and canoeing.

I am particularly fond of my human, Pat. His well being is my top priority. We get up every morning while it’s still dark so we can watch the sunrise together through the sliding glass doors. Then we head out for a nice long morning walk. As you can imagine, by the time we get home I’m ready for some breakfast – gotta fuel the tank you know cause it’s going to be a busy day! Then, I hear the jingle of my human’s keys and I know we’re about to get started. I wonder what will today’s adventures bring as we head out to our appointments and errands. I know it’s a strong probability that we’ll end up at some point at the Bass Pro Shop – that’s Pat’s favorite store. Finally, after returning home from our evening walk, Pat makes me and the fish some dinner and I remind him to take his meds. My human and I enjoy watching the fish swim for a while before we retire for the evening.

Handler: Pat

Branch of Service: Army

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